Shama Sunflower Oil

About Sunflower Oil

Shama sunflower oil is made up of 100%
pure sunflower …

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About Cooking Oil

Shama Cooking Oil is a perfect blend of

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About Canola Oil

Shama Canola Oil is rich in energy. 100 grams of …

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About Banaspati

Shama Banaspati has a fine granular
texture prepared ….

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Health & Protection Guide

HGGM had always taken seriously the consumer’s health issues and provides the qualitative, safe products for customer’s satisfaction.


Why Choose Us

Diet & Calories Charts etc

  • Our body needs constant energy to maintain itself, so even when we’re fast asleep, it is still burning up calories!
  • However, most of us do not take enough exercise during our waking hours!
  • Ideally, we should aim to take 20-45 minutes exercise a day.
  • To see which exercise burns up what calories, see chart below.

What consumer should know about food safety?

Food Safety: What Consumers Should Know

Safe steps in handling, cooking, and storing food are essential to prevent foodborne illness. You can’t see, smell, or taste harmful elements that may cause illness. In every step of food preparation, follow these four guidelines to keep food safe:

  • Clean — Wash hands and surfaces often
  • Separate — Don’t cross-contaminate
  • Cook — Cook to proper temperatures
  • Chill — Refrigerate promptly

What consumer should know about Quality?

QUALITY: What Consumer should know?

Good characteristics of a product are inherit / derived from a standard specifications Like Food additives / preservatives natural properties

Exercise for your health

It has been calculated that 1 pound of body fat is equal to 3500 calories.
This means that in order to lose 1 pound we have to walk for about 12.5 hours.
So don’t expect fast weight loss and remember to eat sensibly.
The mood and feel-good benefits, however, are immediate and the health benefits of exercise are endless.

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