Associated Industries Ltd. A ghee manufacturing unit was established in 1960 in Nowshera in a fairly large plant area with its adjoining residential colony. The building is designed by the famous firm of John Tarry and Block in consultation with Fried Krupp Heb of Germany who are the main suppliers of machinery as well.

Shamaghee & cooking oil

The present market share of  SHAMA in NWFP (Pakistan) is 40-45%. Right from the institution of production in 1963. The brand of SHAMA became an instant hit and market leader.

The successive period of witnessed. The continuous lead with phenomenal growth in production from 10,000 tons to 50,000 tons.

The success of it’s reason was its high standard of quality. Assured by its stringent quality assurance procedure. Therefore The financial successes and turnover have kept this Company in the top 10 companies of the Stock Exchange.

In view of the ever-growing demand of SHAMA Brand . There are  a number of imitators have copied the color and design of its pack and monogram and  entered the market. Having Said That, our brand loyal consumers have always been able to identify the real brand. Therefore our group taking over the management a decade ago.

Advirtisment: ShamaGhee &  Cooking Oil

In agreement with our enterprising policies,  therefore we have increased production capacity from 50,000 tons to 75,000 tons per annum, gone up by 40-45%. Backed up by the modernization, and quality. So we intend to keep our brand a market leader.

We  are also paying attention to efforts on expanding our soap production capacity. In the past, demand for our quality soap has far increased the production.

Apart from our Brand All Industries Limited 104/023, and  another quality with SHAMA Brand is being introduced.

Financial Highlights

 Date of Establishment    1960
 Authorized Capital    Rs.50 Million
 Paid up Capital
 Sales Turnover    Year 2000-2001 Rs 2.05 Million
 Total Employees    600