Chairman Message
Shamaghee & Cooking Oil

chairman Message: “For us our customers take precedence & we take no chances with their health & satisfaction.

We ensure safe, high quality products for our customers by being quality conscious and consistently improving our quality systems of distributors, retailers, outlets & direct sales”.

They deserve and expect high quality products and we strive hard to match their expectations at all the times. Our expertise in manufacturing Ghee & Cooking oil, have been proven in all Pakistan.

You know that, when you are using our brands, you will get the best of every thing; (Taste, High Quality and nice packing).

SHAMA is reliable name, while using our high quality products, you can be sure that, before our product reach you, we run diligent quality checks by world class standards; ( ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 / & HACCP), using the finest quality, raw materials and cooking processions.

We assure our customers that you are completely safe, while using our products. We hope that, you will continue to trust our brands like always.

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